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4.25 miles on January 14

You know that feeling when you’re watching the sunrise as usual at a quarter past seven in the morning and then all of a sudden you almost can’t concentrate because your entire left side is in so much pain? Well, that was my experience this morning. How is it possible that the left side of my back and collarbone and the arch of my left foot could be so impaired? Will I have to start dragging around the left side of my body as if half of me was simply an impediment to forward mobility? I experimented with standing on my right foot on the long ride on the D train this morning, but then I decided I just couldn’t stand the thought that I was actively cultivating new, weird habits. So, I sat down when I could and grimly stared out the window, worried.

I don’t stretch before or cool down after I run because I think of myself as merely a nature-watcher who happens to trot along quickly. Perhaps this is a wrong-headed exercise philosophy, though. I also think I need new shoes.