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5 miles after Tropical Storm Irene

The locust tree outside my window was in motion for most of the weekend and I had to evacuate my fire escape of geraniums, but otherwise,  my Greenpoint perch and I survived Irene unscathed. On Sunday morning, I wandered up to Queensbridge Park to see the river. This particular park is slated for renovation which probably means that we will will  not be able to enjoy the view of grasses growing from a municipal structure for long.

In any case, I was pleased to see Robert Moses’ creation host to a pair with a giant kite that they tried, successfully, to get off the ground.

This park lies underneath the 59th Street Bridge, which was inspiration for the Simon and Garfunkle song, “Feelin’ Groovy.” I must admit that I’m growing more and more attached to these Queens waterfront spots, and the bridge views they provide.

Evidence of the storm was all around. Mostly, though, signs of any disturbance were fairly mundane in my immediate vicinity. The strange counter-factual falling of green leaves.

The gray sky lead to the discovery of formerly hidden colors in the park, though, and the imagining of more brilliant frescoes in years past.

Walking back, even Newtown Creek had a current to it.