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Light Bulb Awnings: the Map

As an archivist, I feel compelled to track my progress through this new project. And so I’ve been dutifully recording my light bulb awning locations into a Google map, where I’m contemplating surrendering further personal information in order to comment on these locations favorably and hopefully help to protect them from eventual destruction (ah, the megalomania of the digital age). So far, my findings have been entirely based on my own meanderings. Certainly, I look around corners a little more intently, but this map represents only my own accidental discoveries on the walks I take for pleasure or commute.

I have added a few steps to my documentation process, too. Now, I purchase something from each location, and, if I’m lucky, engage the proprietor or attendant in some dialogue about the signage out front. In the case of Pete’s Pizzeria in Bay Ridge, this conversation allowed me to gain some valuable intelligence about additional light bulb awnings to seek out, as well as provided an opportunity for me to tell Pete himself how lovely I think his storefront really is. “My son wants to take it down,” said Pete in reply.