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Green things

Ferns everywhere in the Hudson Valley. Coated with light. Their ranks filling the forest floor. For what it’s worth, I wanted to stay there forever, but, of course, there were vistas to see and sandwiches to eat. Drives along the river and art. Whenever I’m in those woods, the industrialized past that defined the region seems so far removed from any present moment. The husks of old buildings filled up with air and motes of dust, their windows waiting for the next revival. And the trees that surround them themselves covered with vines that certainly beckon a new kind of destructive wildness and abandon.

Miles in the Hudson Valley

The woods up near Cold Spring are perpetually surprising. I try to head up north every year around this time and the colors are always slightly different, moderated by unknown timetables. On this particular excursion, it rained intermittently while we were scrambling up the rocky trails which made everything seem slightly unreal. At one point, the sky was glowing red in the distance.

Every time I visit these trails, I think of the ghosts that live here and way that the stones and rocks underfoot will eventually lose their formation. Someone warned me against making walking an act of aggressive consumption, and I think there is some merit to the advice. But for me, I think of all these places as haunted and wishing for acknowledgement. Conversations are everywhere if you can bear to take part.