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3.5 miles on January 13

I woke early this morning only to realize that it was 2:15am. Then, I listened to the awful pipes conversing and the sound of the tree branches clattering across the glass of the window panes and wished I could sleep. Of course, when 6:15am came, I was desperate to leave the house and reach the park. If you have nothing better to do, and you’re awake at that hour, I can think, honestly, of nothing more enjoyable than clambering up Lookout HillĀ  in time for the sunrise. Leaning against a tree, I felt the palpable absence of the street lamps when they all extinguished themselves at 7:19am, and then I watched the buildings of south Brooklyn light up before me, steam rising from brick structures as if I had been transported to some earlier time.

I visited some of my favorite haunts today: Columbia down to Central Park, then a ride on the M4 to look at the waterfalls through the bus windows. I walked 5th Avenue from the Conservatory Gardens all the way to 57th St., where I can’t help but enjoy the feel of Midtown at night, when it looks like a comic-book set to lights. I met a friend for dinner at a diner: she ordered a reasonable Greek salad and coffee and I ordered an entirely unreasonable grilled cheese and Budweiser, and we discussed the art of florid exposition. Funnily enough, I had arrived early and was completely privileged to hear the tail-end of a long-running conversation about movies between three men, each sitting at individual booths, calmly eating their meals and hurling pointed opinions at each other.