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Trees in Conversation

This year, I think I’ve taken fewer pictures and spent more time outside than ever. Perhaps it’s the city closing in, perhaps I’m simply evolving into someone new. In any case, last year the fall for me was all colors and this year it seems to consist primarily of movements. It might be the influence of a friend with theory,  and the idea that we are all bodies in space creating meaning. But there is also this sense that I can’t look too closely at anything of beauty anymore. I’ll miss these things. I do miss everything that I photograph, I suppose.

Documentary Impulse

Walking through the Bronx yesterday, I decided it was now or never for a project I’ve also talked about, but never made any moves towards starting. Or, rather, it was a beautiful day, my heart was full, and I was in a fine mood to begin photographing establishments with awnings or signs decorated with small colorful light bulbs.

Borinquen Grocery
486 East 138 Street, Bronx, NY 10454

100th St. Candy Store
23 West 100th Street, New York, NY 10025


Another Green World


This piece of stone all covered with moss intrudes on my thoughts more often than you might imagine.

And I think of how in desert mosques, the ceilings were often painted in such a color to remind visitors that an intangible cool green world existed somewhere beyond the realm of complete or rational contemplation.

In New York, this bright phosphorescent color will be visible for only a few days in the new leaves that curl up at the ends of twigs and stalks on these tired street trees. But it is enough for me.


I’m fairly mystical in a slightly pragmatic way, and so I put stock in the most mundane of miracles–the inevitability of meaningful coincidence, the repetition of all that is most important, and the appearance of signs. And so, while sitting on my fire escape yesterday evening  I had the pleasure of seeing a word literally being written before my eyes in the sky.

As premonitions go, it’s a fairly open-ended one. But I take all such things to heart, and wonder about the ways  I become closed-minded or inured to new experiences, and how to reverse the trend.

Miles in Gowanus

This slightly tragic-seeming structure used to be the warehouse for the New York Daily News, and it always cheers me to see it still standing/looming.

September 11, 2011