5 miles on January 25

Not to use this forum as a place to air news of my aches and pains, but I feel something is wrong with me, running-wise. So, I’ve been taking it easy this week, and all my runs have been rather slow, plodding affairs. No matter. I will persevere, I am sure. Of course, this also means that that the voice expressed here — that strange failed Romantic painter who seems to dictate my odes to the false nature of Brooklyn, Virginia, and beyond —  has fallen silent.

Also, I don’t know. The park is dead these days. I can’t figure it out. Perhaps someone with more knowledge of the tilt of the earth can explain why the sunrise in December was such an amazing thing — light springing forth from the endless miles of Brooklyn stretching out towards the sea — and this month, the sunrise is an afterthought that follows a long, grating, lightening of the sky.

Ah! What’s this? It appears to be snowing outside. This is a good omen, I hope. I believe Morningside Park will be lovely, and I must be going.


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